I am in my 30's. How do I approach wealth creation?

Shruti Sharma - Jun 23, 2022

Our current circumstances are quite difficult, particularly for those who have recently taken on additional tasks. The list seems to go on and on: getting married, having a child, purchasing a house, planning holidays, saving for objectives, building emergency finances, and so on. If you look closely, all of these duties arrive at the same time for everyone in their 30s. In their 30s, the carefree young person of their 20s frequently blunders as life becomes increasingly overwhelming. Everything becomes even more stressful when money issues are added. While there are many things that no one can control, one key component of life may be determined, if well planned, that is, your Finances. Planning ahead of time for the known and unknown areas of money can relieve a lot of tension.

Some essential financial considerations to make in your 30s include:

· Having Adequate Life and Health Insurance.

· An emergency corpus covering at least 6 months of expenses.

· Investments going towards important financial goals like Retirement, Children’s education, Buying a house etc.

· Getting Debt free.

· Taking a step towards Financial Independence.

In retrospect, these goals appear to be typical and straightforward. Actual numbers, on the other hand, paint a very different picture. A recent PGIM India Retirement Readiness Survey revealed some alarming statistics about Indians' financial management. The following are some of the report's highlights:

·  Urban Indians spend 59% of their earnings on living expenses.

·  Cost of living, health challenges, and future family support are the top three concerns concerning post-retirement life in India.

·  51% of Indians have made no preparations for retirement.

· Life insurance, fixed deposits, and post office schemes continue to be the most popular investments among Indians.

· Many Indians are unwilling to compromise their current standard of living, even if it means jeopardizing their future financial ambitions.

This merely demonstrates that saving and investing for key goals is easier stated than done, even if everyone understands the necessity of doing so. In light of this, we'll attempt to provide some practical advice that will assist investors in sticking to their financial plans and building long-term wealth.

Wealth Creation Tips

Don't fall victim to FOMO.

FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is responsible for a lot of large purchases and expenses. Making a large, unneeded purchase may appear exciting and thrilling in the short term, but it always ends in regret. As a result, rather than succumbing to peer pressure or so-called social standards, concentrate on what matters to you and how one poorly thought-out step can damage the overall picture. This does not imply you should compromise your lifestyle; indulging every now and then is acceptable. But it shouldn't come at the expense of your financial objectives. When your expenses start to consume a larger portion of your income, it's critical to draw a line.

Leave traditional investment products behind

Only when the return on investments is significantly higher than inflation can wealth be created. Endowment plans and Fixed Deposits barely outperform inflation because they provide assured returns. Market related products are the most effective way to build money. Although such products are volatile, this volatility helps them earn superior long-term returns. With time on their side, investors in their 30s can take advantage of market volatility by investing consistently.

Prioritize your objectives

As we saw previously, many Indians are concerned that when they retire, they will be completely reliant on their offspring. To avoid this, set clear priorities for your objectives and continue to set aside money for your retirement. Also, when your income grows, don't forget to boost your assets. Remember that our retirement years’ account for nearly 30 years of our lives during which we have no income and only expenses. As a result, maintaining a substantial retirement fund is essential. With this in mind, prioritize your retirement goal, even if it appears to be a long way off, because the sooner you begin, the better.

Don't let your expenses take up all of your earnings

While raising your standard of living is vital, it should not come at the expense of your savings rate. Given the current state of the world, it is critical to set aside at least 30% of your earnings. More if you wish to build a larger corpus for your objectives. As a result, save first and then spend to keep your spending under control. This includes the loan EMIs as well. You may have a variety of loan EMIs, such as home, car, and personal loans. High liabilities hinder investors' ability to save. If you've already saved for all of your goals and still have money left over, save to build wealth.

Make a second source of income

This is especially vital now, because the world is so fast-paced that there is no time to waste. A supplementary source of income could be passive income from your investments or money from monetizing your pastime. This money will assist you in difficult circumstances like as losing a job or receiving a pay cut. This will also assist you in building your net worth and gaining financial independence over time.

If properly prepared, your 30s may be an exciting time in your life because financial concerns will no longer hold you back. If you're not sure where to begin, reach Investocafe to design a personalized financial plan and begin investing for all of your financial objectives.

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