Star Mutual Funds to Invest in 2023

Tanish goswami - Dec 14, 2022

As we are approaching towards the end of 2022, you must be curious about which funds to invest in 2023. So, the InvestoCafe has always got your back. You all are must be searching for some of the best mutual funds to invest in, so let’s start with an explanation that which are the best mutual funds to invest in 2023? How can anyone identify the best Mutual Funds? And what conditions it must fulfil to be a best Mutual fund?

Some of the important parameters on the basis of which an investor can judge the funds are as follows:

  1. Fund Performance- The past performance of the fund is a very important factor to analyse the fund. An investor should check at least the past performance of 3-5 years and the percentage of returns that the fund is providing.
  2. Fund Manager- The experience of the fund manager matters a lot. The manger should have adequate expertise of fund holding as per the market scenario.
  3. Fund Portfolio- One should always check the holding of every fund before investing. The fund should have the holdings of the company which can provide a substantial amount of returns to the investors.
  4. Expense Ratio- The expense ratio of the fund should be lesser than the other funds as it also shows the size of the fund. Lesser the expense ratio higher will be the fund size.

So, after knowing the main parameters of fund analysis, let’s start with list of “Start Funds of 2023”.

The list of mutual funds will contain funds from different categories such as large cap, mid-cap, small, etc that will suite different kind of investors.

  1. Nippon India Large Cap Fund

This fund has given the annualized returns of 18.24% in last years and the value research fund rating of this fund is five star. The major portfolio of this fund is in engineering and housing sectors also it has an expense ratio of 1% only. All in all, it is good fund for the investors looking for low risk fund.

  1. SBI Magnum Midcap Fund

The annualized returns of this fund is 28.52% of last 3 years and the value research fund rating is four star. The expense ratio of this fund is 1.8%. The fund predominantly invests in diversified basket of equity fund of midcap companies.

  1. Canara Robeco Small Cap Fund

This fund has nearly generated 50% of return in last 2 years and is a five star rated fund. The portfolio of this fund is investing in small size companies with high growth potential. The expense ratio of the fund is only 0.39% but at the same risk associated with the fund is very high.

  1. HDFC Flexi cap Fund

This fund has generated 21% of returns in last 3 years. The expense ratio of this fund is slightly high which 1.06%, the fund is a five-star rating and provide the expose of different categories of companies. The fund is moderately risky.

  1. ICICI Banking & Financial Fund

This fund has given 19.5% in last 2 years and has the expense ratio of 1.96%. This fund is a sector oriented fund which invests in the banking and financial service companies. The risk associated with the fund is high and the investors with a long-term investment horizon can invest in this fund.

Always analyse your goal, risk appetite, investment time frame and choose the fund which suites all your investment requirements. After starting the investment, one should always monitor it on timely basis and should take corrective measures as and when market calls for it.

The funds mentioned in the list given above are research-based suggestion and not a personalized suggestion. For personalized portfolio designing you can reach out to the Wealth Advisors of InvestoCafe. Investment is a very subjective matter as every Individual is different and so are there needs and hence every fund cannot match the requirement of every investor. Always seek a professional advice before putting your money in any kind of investment.

Hope this information will help you through your investment journey. Thanks for reading, and if you like our blog then do share it with your near & dear ones.

Happy Investing!!

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