Independent Women Are Independent Investor

Aastha Bhardwaj - Aug 06, 2019


Today, we are 18 years into the millennial, yet as unfortunate as it is we still live in a patriarchal society. “The man of the house” so on and so forth. These are not just phrases, they are in fact stereotypes to which we are conditioned to every single day through time and generations. The society says that it wants an intelligent, strong and truly independent woman who wants others rather than needing them, who is inspiring and a source of motivation; and yet all that it provides for is to belittle the stature of women. But even through these shackles of society women emerge stronger than ever. With their best foot forward, they get on to make themselves proud on the personal as well as the professional front. Independent! of all shackles and stereotypes; knowing that the most effective way to get through is to go and get through by yourself. 


 When women as a force have the calibre and strength to educate themselves, go ahead and travel across the globe and have the job of their dreams; why should they hold themselves back from taking advantage of their hard earned income. Independence has to flow through every aspect of life; and financial independence today is the most important area to keep under consideration. When women earn their own living, they are immediately in more control of their decisions and choices It is a state in which an individual has sufficient wealth to live on without having to depend on someone else’s mercy. So as for today’s dynamic, independence means nothing unless your financial situation is free from all sorts of dependency. 


It should not even be a question why an individual needs to be financially independent; yet since it is often asked we have a valuable argument. Today it is important for every individual to be able to support herself; whether it is so to meet the rising cost of living, pepping up their morale, stop feeling helpless, and so on. The reasoning and advantages are endless and a woman must step forward to be able to have it all!


We work from the day we graduate till the day we retire only so we can enjoy what we have earned. In the midst of all the hustle and struggle, we often ignore the importance to plan for a constant sense of financial independence. The way escalating to an independent future as the women of the millennial is only a few steps away! First, to save and invest small sums to have a fund waiting whenever you need it or wish to splurge. Second, to plan for your goals in order to invest and save accordingly. Third, is to of course have the right company to back your planning, faith and paperwork. And lastly, keep track of your investment to know where you stand and where your doors open to opportunities and possibilities.

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