How being Healthy, will make you Wealthy too

Shruti Sharma - Mar 10, 2022

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Being healthy is valued by all and it makes sense as well. Being healthy is cost effective and also profitable in many ways but; Are healthy people wealthier too? It turns out that the answer is Yes.

                                       “A recent study of more than 3,000 older adults found that those who were

                                                  in better shape had more money saved than their less-fit peers”

Medical Costs

The total cost for the treatment of a heart attack can be as high as ?5 lakh as per a report by Economic Times. Healthy people have lesser medical bills and need to take fewer sick days, so it's no surprise that they pay less for health insurance as they have fewer claims. For example, if a smoker purchases a life insurance policy, the life insurance company will charge them more than a non-smoker because statistically, smokers are more likely to die earlier. This is why smokers pay higher premiums for life insurance policies, as well as other types of insurance policies such as health and disability insurance.

A healthy person saves money on medical insurance which can be invested in Mutual Funds etc. that give better returns over long period of time. Healthy people are able to save a significant amount of money which they may not even realize. They consume less of their company’s medical insurance cover and save time (= money) too as they spend little or no time during their work hours in the doctor’s clinic.

Productive at work

If you’re living a healthier lifestyle, it is likely that you will be more productive at work. It is difficult for an unhealthy person to accomplish much at work and their productivity will be low. This will limit their earning potential and reduce the amount of money they can make over time. This can also impact your bonus or raise opportunities since most companies’ reward employees based on performance and productivity levels.

Exercise helps release those happy hormones known as endorphins which gives you a feeling of euphoria and well-being. Studies have shown that endorphins boost energy levels and reduce stress throughout the day. You have more energy to work, to earn money so that in turn, helps you become rich. You will be able to enjoy your retirement.

Proven Link

The link between health and wealth is more than anecdotal. A recent study of more than 3,000 older adults found that those who were in better shape had more money saved than their less-fit peers. The leaner group could also afford a higher quality of life, said study researcher Michael LaMonte, an epidemiologist at the University at Buffalo. "The results support the idea that there is a direct link between Health and Wealth," LaMonte told LiveScience.

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                Health is wealth and if you neglect your health, it is as good as throwing money. There are numerous benefits of becoming a healthy person. Most of which are significant and meaningful for you. In conclusion, being healthy is essential for the success in your life. Being healthy is not only beneficial for your physical well-being but also helps you grow economically because wealthier people tend to live longer. So, start making yourself healthy and wealthy and invest those cost savings in mutual funds NOW!

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