Five Things to Know Before Building Retirement Fund

Anvesh Pandey - Nov 28, 2022

The typical items would be on our list if someone were to ask us what our financial objectives are right now. A house, the education and marriage of the children, a car, and possibly a trip abroad. Retirement is one objective that most of us overlook, particularly as Indians. In actuality, it ranks among the most crucial objectives for which to make plans.

The following five things could help you as you build your retirement fund:

1. Life expectancy and age

Here, two factors come into play: the anticipated retirement age and the estimated number of years after retirement for which one will require finances.

If someone retires at age 40, for example, they will have fewer years to create a retirement fund and will need to do it over a longer period of time, perhaps 35 to 40 years if they plan to live to be 75 to 80 years old. On the other hand, retiring at 60 would entail needing to construct the corpus for fewer years – say, 15-20 years – as well as having more time to acquire the cash.

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2. Inflation Rate

Usually, 20 to 30 years before to retirement, one would begin saving for their retirement. It is essential to account for inflation when calculating your expenses. If we continue to experience inflation, for example, the purchasing power of Rs 50,000 will be considerably reduced by the time you retire. Calculate the monthly and yearly expenses you will.  Use retirement calculator here  

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3. Return Rate

When you retire, you won't immediately withdraw your whole corpus. This means that when you withdraw a small amount, the majority is left undisturbed, ideally invested. This corpus should continue to generate income for you, however, you should also think about investing in low-risk securities.

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4. Distribution of Wealth

In this stage of their lives, many people want to distribute their wealth or savings. Taking this into account will help you determine how much corpus you'll need. Also, streamlining of assets and paperwork is important.

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5. Regular review

One of the longest goals is certainly to plan for retirement. It is crucial to select investments that are expected to do well over the long run, but it's also crucial to regularly assess your portfolio. You might think about churning your portfolio if its performance is not matching your expectations. Read this blog for rebalancing portfolio

In the interim, you can open a SIP to start planning for your retirement as we continue to offer more.

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