Quit Smoking Become Billionaire

Team Investocafe - Aug 01, 2018

Is it possible? To begin with answer is YES. But before telling you how? , let me tell you an incident which made me to go for this calculation. I could do this because of a friend Saurav who use to smoke from college times (Name changed on his request).

Saurav is a cool guy, studied with me in college and now working as operations manager in a pharma unit. And I was working in a bank until I decided to have my own start up. But we keep meeting on weekends, since he was smoking from college times and it has been considered a very cool thing which he is doing since then.

Since last 3-4 months I observed that saurav has started getting very weak, I asked him dude what’s up why don’t you visit a Doctor, and as usual he ignored that. I along with his family forced him and took to doctor where after certain medical test he has been diagnosed with hypertension and doctor diagnosed that smoking is a big reason for this. Smoke count of Saurav increased to 15-20 cigarettes a day, when started he normally use to smoke 4-5 a day.

He takes medicines worth Rs.100 a day to keep him away from stress and depression now. Moreover what his smoking has brought to family was stress and tension. Although Saurav will recover in coming months. But it has been generally seen that 8-10 cigarettes are a common thing for today’s youth and they spend nearly Rs 100 – 150 a day on this, which ultimately spoil health and can even cause cancer.

Now, the above situation is not to threaten any one but why not to leave a bad habit and think of saving the same, you will be glad to know that it can make you a billionaire. Just to put it in numbers, on an average a smoker is spending Rs.50 on daily basis, which makes it Rs.1500 for a month. Now if this money is invested wisely through a Systematic investment plan on monthly basis, it will create wonders for you. At the rate of 15% Compounded Annual Growth Rate if someone invests Rs.1500 every month for 30 years can make more than a Crore. Think of it, what this entire amount can buy you, your retirement pension, a house, world tour with family etc.

I would suggest if anyone in your friend or family smokes tell him just one thing this habit will cost you your life on the contrary by saving this money you can make your life as well as your family’s life beautiful.

“Smoking- Just quit it,Saving-Just embrace it.”

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