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Team Investocafe - Aug 02, 2018

Mr.Dushyant Pahare has over 19 years of experience in the Finance and Accounts function. He is with Diaspark since its inception in 1995. He joined as Asst. Manager and is now heading Finance Department. He manages all financial .Before Diaspark; he worked with Satisfaction group, an FMCG Trading company to manage accounts and inventory.

We are fortunate to have words with him on Personal Finance;

Q: Did you have a financial plan in mind when you started your career? 
A: I don’t think so, at that time things were different, awareness was not there as it is now a days. So, doing any financial planning was not in my mind.

Q: At the time of starting, what were the key financial challenges in front of you?
A: To learn all the nitigities of the financial aspects including the accounting as well as the finances, how the loan has been processed and how the credit facility have been given to an organization as well an individual because that was a new thing for me to learn about, because in day to day affairs you won’t go ahead with all this thing, when you are working in an organization your most of the time goes in the day to day activities. So, that was a biggest challenge.
Your seniors and other people how they are doing it and you want to have an anxiety to learn you were thinking at that time that this is something a different type of job which you were not able to handle as of now. So it was the biggest challenge how we will overcome with this if you have to handle all these things in future.

Q: Did you have to compromise in terms of lifestyle ever? 
A: I don’t think so.

Q: How important is money for your personal happiness?
A: This is a very difficult thing. I don’t think for me money is fully happiness you can take a ratio of 60:40. I don’t go behind money. It is not directly related with my happiness, though it is a necessity but still money is not the only thing against which I am happy.

Q: Are there any specific lessons you would like to share with our readers?
A: On my personal opinion if you are in this business you should be very fair with your client because I personally feel what type of data, brochures, ppts has been given to a client before investing in the market are not 100 percent correct. The graphic designs, ratios and the past performance of the individual entities are not reflected correctly. It is better to give a proper and a fair view of the investment which you are expecting from the customers because customer doesn’t understand the complexity of the investment, he is completely having the faith in you and on the basis of that he is investing his money.
So you have to treat that money as your own money and then you should suggest. This is the biggest lesson and my observation in this industry.

Q: What time has taught you in terms of attaining financial freedom?
A: Ones I have started my articleship in field of CA I was having freedom of finance and everything. I was not dependent on anything from the day I have joined my article ship.

Q: How would you feel to seek advice for your financial planning? 
A: It is always welcome, educative gives knowledge to me as and when I will discuss some financial planning with someone, but it should be fair enough.

Q: When was the first time you thought of investing somewhere?
A: When I have started working closely with the banking institutions and some personal relations which have come in contact with me during my job.
This was the first time when I have started thinking of investing.

Q: What are your targets/ planning for any of your financial goal?
A: I don’t have any financial goal as of now, because most of the time I don’t believe in the investment plan which is being sold to me because somehow whenever I have invested as per the planning it has never came up to the mark. So after certain time I have stopped thinking about it. Whenever I get some extra money I invest with as per the advice by some well wishers or so like you people. Otherwise I don’t have any particular financial goal.

Q: Journey towards success?
A: Somehow I am very fortunate enough that when I joined my first job till date, somehow I got the mentor or say the promoter or say the bosses have always given me a free hand to work upon which is the basic thing which I have learned and having a liaisoning with no. of people with whom I have interacted and I have learned certain things and I have got the information which is available in the market as I want a free hand to work in my profession.
So that is the journey, this is the only reason Anvesh has come in my contact and you can see that. He has left HDFC 3 years back, but it is not easy to keep the relations live in the same manner. The way he has came to meet me so this is the biggest example of that. Like Anvesh I have contacted number of people and kept personal relationship apart of professional relationship because of which I am sitting in this organization. Apart from money the thing which I have acquired during my career is the relations with others.

Q: Lesson for young generation?
A: The things are so visible nowadays that an individual should start investing and saving the money from the day 1 he is earning, it is so easy to go through and have options to make his future more comfortable it is better to start investing from day 1 you start earning something. For example if you are earning 100 bucks it is better you should start investing 5 bucks out of that, from day 1 you should make the practice to do that. In our time it was not so visible and not so educative that you should start doing that. Now there are number of options, numbers of things are there you can switch your money, see your money whether it is growing or not growing, you are having all the facilities at your mobile.
So, it is better to invest from the day one for your better future.

Interviewed By - Jasleen Rajpal and Charanjeet K Laungia

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